"There is no task too large when knowledge and experience go hand in hand."

Prized investors and business partners of Alarko Holding, our very dear Friends and Employees,

Our principle of “Quality in production and service”, which we have pursued as the Alarko Group for 64 years, brought us the success of being a preferred brand. We have enjoyed becoming one of the most creditable and respected institutions with our activities both at home and abroad. We will continue on our course raising the bar higher by maintaining our determination to be the most stable, dependable, dynamic, and profitable company in parallel with our sustainable growth goals.

The growth and prosperity of our country has always been a prerequisite and priority in the development of our company. Our faith in the dynamism and future progress of our country gives us hope and motivation. While planning our new investments we pay close attention to our strategies, risk management systems and liquidity positioning to successfully overcome the present day economic and geopolitical fluctuations. Although the private sector investments in the developing countries of the world have decreased, we at the Alarko Group, are increasing our investments in the areas of energy and tourism. In our 2016-2019 business program, we plan on creating plenty of employment opportunities. While we will continue to invest in our country within the framework of our sustainable growth strategy, we will also encourage foreign companies to invest in our country.

We are setting off with our trust in our young and talented team to whom our founders Ishak Alaton and my father, the late Dr. Üzeyir Garih, have placed great emphasis on. There is no task that cannot be overcome when knowledge and experience go hand in hand. We will take firm steps on our course with the creative dynamism of our youth and the guidance of their experienced mentors. I believe that our talented, experienced and innovative human capital is the most valuable treasure of our corporation.

Our corporate memory, which extends and matures with the positive and negative results of decisions taken in over 60 years of our company history, is of very important value for us. While we make a point of taking maximum advantage of our experiences and lessons, we know that transmitting corporate memory to our young and talented employees is a must in sustaining our activities effectively. We will be relentless in reminding all of our colleagues, shareholders and customers that our irrevocable aim is to be reliable and trustworthy; in order to attain this aim, it is necessary to abide by our principles of superior business ethics and honest work.

Our company will maintain its existing visionary and entrepreneurial spirit together with its dynamism. We will make an effort to form a mindful interest alliance with our country, colleagues, customers, shareholders and business partners. Aware of our responsibility towards all our shareholders,

I present to you all my respect and warmest regards.

Alarko Holding
Chairman of the Board